How to Remove Password From PDF

How to remove password from PDF
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Passwords are widely used to protect PDF documents from unauthorized access or unwanted edits, but they can also be a hassle when you’re the one trying to gain access. Whether you have forgotten the password, or have accessed a document with an inherited password, removing a password from a PDF is straightforward with the right tools and knowledge. Here you will learn How to Remove Password From PDF.

This guide will explain the steps needed to successfully remove passwords from PDF documents and provide resources for advanced users who need more control over the document security:

What is a PDF password?

A PDF password is an added layer of security that is used to protect a user’s PDF file from unauthorized access. It usually consists of a string of characters, often including special characters and numeric digits, that when entered correctly can then provide access to the document.

Traditionally, it is used to protect documents from unwanted alterations or copying by an unapproved source.

PDF passwords can be in the form of either a user-level password (also known as an open password) or an owner-level password (also known as permission password).

  • User-level passwords are used to prevent unauthorized opening, viewing, and printing of a document.
  • Owner-level passwords are typically used to secure more advanced features such as disabling printing, editing or copying features as well as controlling markup annotations and form fields within the PDF.

Reasons for removing a PDF password

For some users, PDF files are essential documents that need to be secured with a password. However, when the document is no longer needed, having it locked up with a password can cause unnecessary hassle. It may be appropriate to remove the lock in some cases, such as when sharing documents with certain individuals or wanting to have unrestricted access for all users.

Here are some of the common uses and reasons for removing a PDF password:

  • When sharing files between people who need easy and unrestricted access to them
  • When eliminating restrictions set by an originating author from a PDF file
  • When decrypting encryption from a copied version of the file
  • For archiving purposes so the file can be retrieved later if needed
  • To ensure compatibility if sharing your document with different operating systems and applications

How to Remove a PDF Password

Removing a password from a PDF can be done in a few different ways depending on the type of password that has been used to protect it. If the PDF file is protected with a User Password, meaning that it is locked and can only be opened with the correct password, then you’ll need to use a password-cracking tool in order to unlock it.

On the other hand, if the file is protected with a Permission Password, which sets restrictions on the document’s usage, then you’ll need to use a different approach.

Using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the world’s most trusted PDF viewer and editor, and it has the ability to help you easily remove passwords from PDFs. With this software, you can open PDFs protected with passwords of up to 128-bit strength.

How to Remove Password From PDF using Adobe Acrobat Desktop or Adobe Reader DC

Here’s how you can use Adobe Acrobat to remove a password from your document:

  1. Open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Desktop or Adobe Reader DC
  2. Select ‘File’ > ‘Properties’ from the top menu bar
  3. Select ‘Security’ from the Properties window
  4. Select ‘No Security’
  5. Click ‘OK’ when the Removal Warning window appears
  6. Click ‘Save As’ if you want to save the document without a password or just close it if you don’t need it changed permanently
  7. Choose a location on your computer to save your password-free PDF file or just click OK if you do not need it saved
  8. The security password will be removed and now anyone can open your PDF document

Using Online Conversion Tools

Using online conversion tools is one of the easiest ways to remove a PDF password. Many websites offer free services that allow you to upload the PDF file, enter in the password, and then download the edited version. Some of the benefits of using online conversion tools include that they are secure and easy to use. Additionally, this method works on both Mac and PC platforms.

To use an online conversion tool, first locate a website that supports this service. Next, you will need to upload your PDF file and enter in the password if it is needed. Depending on the website, you may also be able to customize different settings including page size, page orientation, page numbers, page margins, etc. Once you have made your selections and entered any passwords needed, you can click “Convert” or “Submit” which will initiate the process of editing your file into a new version without any security restrictions or passwords applied. The converted file should be available for download shortly afterwards – often as soon as within minutes or even seconds from when it was initiated by submitting/converting it.

Using a Third-Party Software

Using a third-party software is the most effective way to remove a PDF password. There are many useful tools out there that can unlock PDF documents easily and securely. The best free option for this is Wondershare’s PDF Password Remover, which will be used in this guide.

How to Remove Password From PDF Wondershare's PDF Password Remover

Before you can begin, you need to download and install the software from their website. Once installed, open the PDF Password Remover application and click “Add Files” or “Select Folder” depending on what type of files you want to remove passwords from. Once you have selected your files, click on “Start” to begin removing the password protection from your documents.

The operation may take some time depending on the size of your files and computer performance; however, once it is complete, you will see an overview of all successfully converted files. Now that you have removed the password protection, it’s recommended that you re-password protect your documents to ensure privacy and security.


In conclusion, removing passwords from PDFs can be a simple and straightforward process depending on the method of encryption used. If the document is password-protected with an owner password, you can either use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to open the file; or take advantage of third-party tools from trusted sites like Wondershare PDFelement or PDFCrack.

However, if the document is protected by a user (or other) password, it cannot be opened or modified unless you know the exact combination of letters and numbers used to secure it. In this case, algorithms such as Brute Force Attack or Dictionary Attack must be utilized in order to recover access.

As with any online activity, please stay aware of cyber threats and keep your data safe!

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