GoogieHost Review: Is This Offer Free Web Hosting In 2023?

GoogieHost Review
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We will provide complete information related to GoogieHost’s free web hosting services based upon our personal experience and analysis of its every feature, plan, service, user interface, speed test and reliability. Here in this Googiehost review, we will provide complete information related to GoogieHost’s free web hosting services based upon our personal experience and analysis of its every feature, plan, service, user interface, speed test and reliability.

GoogieHost free hosting services are especially popular due to their reliability which comes at no cost. Since its establishment, GoogieHost has been solving the problems of many small businesses and initial bloggers at their most crucial stage.

To make yourself completely aware of its service, you just need to follow this review till the very end.

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What is GoogieHost?

Established in 2012, GoogieHost aims to provide 100% free hosting with unlimited powerful resources. Since its establishment, it has been one of the top choices in the market, all thanks to its commitment to quality services.

GoogieHost Review

Googiehost’s founder, Rajesh Chauhan, was himself a blogger and very well aware of the problems that beginners face while starting their journey, so with a small team, he worked day and night to solve one of the biggest problems of the market, that is affordability.

And as a result, he came up with GoogieHost. However, the original idea was to provide the most affordable web hosting plan at just $1/month, which was revolutionary back then because the average web hosting plan was hanging around $10/month.

So Rajesh Chauhan started offering high-quality hosting services for free; some of them include free landing page hosting, Free WordPress Hosting, free SQL hosting and much more!!

GoogieHost User Interface

Let’s now discuss some information related to its user interface, features and its customer support to verify its service’s authenticity.

In terms of the user interface, GoogieHost has always focused on providing a simple and easy-to-use user interface. Neither we felt any complexity while buying the plans from their platform nor with the control panel they provided in their services.

It comes with Directadmin as the control panel, which is very popular in the market for its well-organised and easy-to-use interface.

GoogieHost Review- User Interface

We have mentioned the screenshot below to get an exact idea related to the UI (user interface) of the control panel they provide.

GoogieHost Speed Test

When you have high-speed hosting services, you get to experience many benefits — like efficiently retaining your audience and improving your ranking in Google search results.

We conducted a speed test to verify its loading speed and analysed our website speed on different measures. At the GTmetrix speed test, we found the results quite impressive — it received an A rank with 96% performance and first content paint in just 911ms, which is a fantastic loading speed considering free web hosting.

GoogieHost Review- Speed Test

GoogieHost Customer Support

Googiehost provides customer support via ticket and mail during office hours only —  it may not seem very exceptional, but their features generally do not let you face any problems or errors, and if it happens, you can immediately contact them to get a solution as soon as possible.

GoogieHost Data Centers Location

The right Data centre location becomes very essential in order to provide you with fast server response, low latency and maximum uptime.

GoogieHost ensures its server quality by building its Data centres in the best place possible. They have two data centers in multiple locations in the USA, as mentioned below.

Their data center location includes.

– Atlanta

– New Jersey

Type of Web Hosting Offered by GoogieHost

GoogieoHost has been primarily popular because of its amazing features for free and paid plans.

Here’s what their plans and pricing look like:

GoogieHost pricing plan

GoogieHost Free Domains

Many service providers in the market don’t provide free domains, not even subdomains. But to solve the market problems, GoogieHost provides a free subdomain along with its web hosting plans.

You can grab your subdomain following the mentioned steps.

– Choose your desired plan.

– Click on the subdomain option, and proceed.

GoogieHost Free Domains

Key Features of GoogieHost Hosting (Note: with Brief Explanation Add Key features Only )

Any web hosting service provider that has become #1 or has surpassed its competition will definitely be backed by the strong features of its services, so let’s see how strong features are backing the GoogieHost claim of #1 free web hosting.

cPanel and DirectAdmin control panel: When it comes to control panels, Directadmin and cPanel are the most popular choice because of ease and extra features. GoogieHost offers both control panels in their plans; the paid plan includes the cPanel and the free one comes with Directadmin.

Latest NVMe SSD storage:  While choosing the web hosting, the most crucial factor that must be ensured is the latest hardware. NVMe SSDs are the latest and fastest storage technology.

Free SSL certificate: SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which provides encrypted connection and authentic identity to your website.

Regular backup: When you host your website on the internet, you must ensure your data backup so that if any misfortune happens with the server, you can easily get all your data back.

This feature will help you save your data in case of any misfortune happens to the servers.

Hotlink protection: This feature helps to protect your website’s content from being used without your permission. In simple words, Hotlink protection prevents your website’s image from being displayed on platforms like Pinterest, Google images etc.

GoogieHost Pros & Cons

If you are already impressed by the company, we would also like to grab your attention on its pros and cons to provide you with complete information from a neutral perspective.


– Latest hardware technology for fast performance.

– Complete security is ensured with Free SSL and Cloudflare protection.

– Free services without any ads.

– Free CMS Installer.


– No call support is provided.

– Customer support is only provided during office hours.

Should you buy Web Hosting from GoogieHost?

While using its services and writing the GoogieHost review, we realised that it genuinely provides outstanding free services without any hidden charges, making it a trustable and reliable hosting service provider.

It has served more than 2 million customers, maintaining an image of a genuine and authentic service provider. This information is based on our experience and the customer reviews.

We suggest you choose GoogieHost services because they are secure, trustable and reliable, thanks to our experience with their services. 


Is GoogieHost legit?

Yes, GoogieHost is a legit free web hosting provider. Before writing the GoogieHost review, we analysed every factor we could. We hosted some websites and found it running smoothly over the internet.

How do I get a free domain on GoogieHost?

Choosing a domain or subdomain can be easily done by just following the mentioned steps.

– Choose your plan.

– By choosing the domain option, you get your desired free domain.

What is the uptime guarantee of GoogieHost?

GoogieHost guarantees an excellent uptime of 99.9%, providing you with reliable and fast performance.

How much does GoogieHost cost per month?

GoogieHost offers you two plans which are mentioned below.

– Free Web Hosting with zero hidden charges.

– Paid plan with just $2.50/month.

Which is better, GoogieHost, Hostinger or Infinityfree?

While researching the GoogieHost review, we found that GoogieHost is much better because of its features.

– It has the latest hardware technology like NVMe SSD storage, Litespeed server and much more.

– It provides malware protections in both plans.

– It provides genuine and free services with no hidden charges and ads.

Does GoogieHost Provide 24/7 Customer Support?

No, GoogieHost provides customer support during office hours via tickets and E-mail.


After using it personally and analysing all its features, we concluded that when it comes to free web hosting service with quality, GoogieHost has really no match in the market. It provides many fantastic features that are even hard to find in some companies’ premium plans.

Free SSL certificates,  NVMe SSD storage, Regular backup, hotlink protection etc., are some outstanding pieces you get for free with its services without any hidden charges, making it a solid factor to stand out from the competition.

While ending this amazing GoogieHost review, we would like to mention that our personal experience with GoogieHost services was remarkably smooth and satisfying, so if you are planning to choose it to host your website, we suggest going with it will not make you regret or be disappointed.

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